’73rd Y’s Men International Convention Yeosu Korea’ is approaching.

I hope that many of you will participate.

Y’s Men

Y ‘s Men International (YMI) was founded in 1920 by young US judge Paul William Alexander. YMI is in a consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. YMI, an international service organization, will do its best to make a better world through community service.

Yes, We Can change!

The new era requires new values ​​and actions, and service and friendship activities are also in demand. To maintain and develop self-esteem, we need to make new changes. Y’s Men declares a new start at the 2018 Yeosu World Congress.

73rd Y’s Men International Convention

Yeosu Korea is a city of splendid and diverse beauty, and Y’s Men from all over the world will make a wonderful festival with various events

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2018, new with change
Please enjoy 73rd  Y’s Men IC!

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